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Welcome to Mountain Heart Counseling

Mountain heart counseling is the private counseling and Psychotherapy practice of Kaye H, Coker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As a psychotherapist, Kaye provides Mindfulness-Informed therapy to Adult Individuals, Couples, and Families experiencing problems such as anxiety, depression, Chronic illness, Grief and loss, and sexuality and relationship issues.

By mindfully attending to our mind/body/heart processes, we can begin recognizing and reconfiguring old patterns of relating to ourselves and others that impact health and important relationships. In learning to acknowledge and accept what we find, we begin using our own inner resources to achieve and maintain skills for creating happiness, wisdom, and ease in our lives.

We learn to respond rather than react.

As our relationship to stressful events, relationships and situations begin to change, we begin to see the world through new eyes.

And this makes all the difference.

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